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Meet eva – the new video social network

Launching today for iPhone is the new must-have video social network – eva.  Built from the bottom up using the world’s leading cloud video editing technology, eva is beautiful, simple to use and empowers people to express themselves through video. It’s free to download too.
eva is developed by Forbidden Technologies plc, a quoted UK-based company that is the brainchild of Stephen Streater, the man who founded Eidos.  Eidos was the world’s fastest growing company in the 1990s.
At the heart of eva is the (patent pending) ‘evafeed’, a public stream of consciousness with content that is relevant to each users’ interests, location and who they follow. As soon as the app is launched, the evafeed plays immediately. “I’m bored of having to go through the same registration process, giving my details with the promise of something awesome in return only to be disappointed,” said eva’s co-founder and executive director at Forbidden Technologies, Aziz Musa. “With eva we decided to go against the grain: just open the app and immediately content starts playing. Like what you see? Then engage and register. If you’re unsure, then come back later when you’re almost guaranteed new and original content.”
eva is a new take on the social video app. Users are able to shoot footage in full screen portrait. eva is totally cloud based too so there’s no need to worry about having memory available for all of the footage shot and managing your content is easy.
When it comes to the social side of eva, there’s everything you’d expect – create a social profile, follow friends, like and comment on videos and share clips to Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and more. Hot on the heels of this initial release are multiple upgrades including two patent pending features – a filter feature containing more than 36,000 filters in a simple intuitive design, and a trim feature which offers unique navigation through the content created.
Over the last year, eva has been quietly building traction. The app already has a following in the tens of thousands, has recruited more than a hundred advocates from social stars to up coming sporting talent to influential founders and eva’s original video content has been shared over 10 million times. Not bad for an app not even launched until today.
Musa continued: “We wanted eva to be born with amazing content, and where better to launch eva than in London. It’s our home city and also a hot bed of incredibly talented people. The response from the talent in London has been humbling and we’re extremely grateful for their backing.”
eva is available to download for free on iOS from the App Store. Launched initially in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Belgium, eva will be available in more countries in the coming weeks.
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About eva
The team at Forbidden Technologies, which floated in February 2000, brings eva to you. The company develops and markets the powerful cloud video platform, Forscene, which is used by broadcasters, in professional web video, in education and by consumers. The platform supports one of the world’s most advanced browser-based and mobile applications. eva is built using this same technology and aims to bring powerful video to the mass market, empowering the world to live life and share it.
Quick pitch:
eva is the new video social network. Built using the world’s leading cloud video editing technology, eva empowers people to share their lives and express themselves through video.
Key points:

  • Available to download free for iOS
  • Developed by UK-based Forbidden Technologies plc – developer of the world’s most powerful professional cloud video editor: Forscene
  • New video social network allows people to shoot and share videos in full screen portrait
  • ‘evafeed’ – public stream of content. Relevant content played immediately upon opening the app, requiring zero interaction
  • Totally cloud-based – no need to worry about your smartphone’s memory
  • Incredible user experience that is slick, simple and intuitive


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