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Misys Banks On Online Video for Internal Comms

Forbidden Technologies plc helps Misys Retail Banking communicate with its employees

London, June 09, 2004: Misys Retail Banking, a leading supplier of innovative packaged software solutions to retail banks, has opted for Forbiddens streamlined video solution, to enhance its internal communication strategy. Forbiddens FORpresentation allows Misys to produce streamlined, informative video presentations, which are sent to all internal staff creating direct visual communication from senior managers to company desktops worldwide.

Misys Retail Banking has used Forbiddens FORpresentation for a number of internal communications projects including:

  • Introducing its new CEO Misys Retail Banking used a video presentation to introduce its new CEO, Andrew Derrer, to every employee desktop
  • Bank on Misys CEO of Misys Retail Banking communicated directly with staff on a global level via the company Intranet, ensuring that every employee was aware of the companys new strategy, and up to date on internal procedures.
  • Customer satisfaction survey Misys Retail Banking used video technology to share the results of its customer satisfaction survey to customers and employees worldwide.

"At Misys we take internal communication very seriously. With staff on five continents, we decided that we needed to communicate the urgent and the important reliably and quickly. Forbidden's FORpresentation proved a simple, low cost way to meet our needs,"

said Ian Benn, Marketing Director, Misys Retail Banking.

"Using Forbidden's technology, we've been able to reach every employee with a consistent message, in a consistent way and at a consistent time."

Forbiddens FORpresentation will deliver a companys message to all internal and external stakeholders regardless of country, connection speed or time-zone to over 90 percent of PC users. Forbiddens technology enables all digital video content – including financial statements, meet the CEO sessions, training and HR programmes to be delivered straight to desktops without any investment in additional hardware or software.

"By incorporating FORpresentation into its global HR strategy, Misys is an excellent example of a company that takes internal communication seriously and is utilising new technology to make that happen,"

said Greg Hirst, Business Development Director, Forbidden Technologies plc.

"Video streaming is fast becoming the preferred way for company directors to communicate directly with staff on any PC around the world, and the advantages of allowing staff to hear of new company developments and strategy directly from senior managers is invaluable."

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