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Misys chooses Forbiddens FORpresentation for internal communications

Evolutionary step in Internet based corporate presentations

Forbidden Technologies, the developer of video streaming technology, has secured a major customer for its latest product, FORpresentation, aimed at the corporate communications market. The company is delighted that Misys, the global software company employing 6500 staff worldwide, has chosen FORpresentation for a series of internal presentations by Misys Wholesale Banking Systems Chief Executive Officer, Andy White.

FORpresentation is a new approach to Internet based presentations which allows the blending of slides, graphics and images with video of the presenter in a way that closely represents a live presentation, where the attention of the audience switches between the presenter and the supporting material.

Greg Hirst, Business Development Director, Forbidden Technologies plc, commented:

"The market place for this product is huge. As well as internal presentations to staff, there is an opportunity for listed companies to use the Internet for investor presentations. Our product allows company directors to disseminate corporate results and strategy in a format that reaches out to the widest possible audience.

"We are delighted that Misys, a progressive global company, has chosen to use FORpresentation and look forward to continuing to work with Andy and his team."

Andy White, CEO Misys Wholesale Banking Systems, added:

"FORpresentation is a very cost-effective way for a global company like ours to communicate with its staff via the company Intranet. It allows senior managers to speak directly to employees about the companys strategy and activities.

"We are committed to improving our internal communication in order to improve morale, motivation and, ultimately, performance. FORpresentation is an increasingly important part of our internal communication strategy."

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