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Mr Paparazzi uses Forbidden Technologies for User Generated Video Content

Citizen journalists now able to submit video footage as part of website re-launch

Mr Paparazzi, Yahoo International Entertainment website of the year 2006, is giving the public the opportunity to maximise the money-making potential of their celebrity sightings through submitting video footage via its new website. It has incorporated Clesh, Forbidden Technologies', web-based platform into its site to allow video content from camera phones, digital cameras and camcorders to be easily uploaded and simply edited before being submitted to Mr Paparazzi.

The project is in response to the rise in citizen journalism and the British hunger for celebrity news.

Mr Paparazzi himself, Darryn Lyons explained the move:

"Saleable images of celebrities was always the mainstay of professional photographers. However, a whole new market has opened up with nearly everyone carrying a video camera around on their mobile phone. Now, Joe Public is just as likely to catch some valuable footage of a celebrity as a professional with a powerful zoom lens."

This exciting new addition to the already hugely successful Mr will mean that every registered user will recieve a free account to upload, edit and submit video footage. If the Mr Paparazzi team believe they can sell the footage to a broadcaster, news or gossip website, they will respond within 48 hours.

Lyons commented,

"Video footage is extremely lucrative, as it gives more context to the situation than a single shot. We're looking forward to seeing the content our users upload and how it will start changing the face of photo journalism."

Liz Mackenzie, key account director at Forbidden Technologies said:

"Mr Paparazzi's video upload and edit platform is a simplified version of Clesh – our consumer editing and publishing system. This version has been designed to allow users to upload, storyboard and submit footage for moderation. It is easy to use and a great way to make money for celebrity spotting."

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