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Platform Post Production delivers secure web-based viewing capabilities with Forbidden Technologies

Facilities house shortens post production cycle with virtual collaborative technology

Platform Post Production today announces it is using Forbidden Technologies’ FORscene to offer its customers wide area, collaborative reviewing capabilities during the post production process. The facilities house will use FORscene to upload footage for review by producers from any location via a Mac or PC, connected to a broadband connection, or via a mobile phone or video iPod.
Platform has been piloting FORscene with a major broadcaster since January. A web-based editing and publishing tool, Platform is using the unique review functionality to distribute edits to the production executives for comment and feedback. The technology is compatible with both Avid and Final Cut Pro and, being web-based, can be used for review by anyone with a fixed or mobile internet connection.

David Tasker, joint managing director of Platform, commented:

“Using FORscene is proving beneficial in terms of both time and money. With executives being able to view footage securely over the web they don’t have to travel in to our facility to view work in progress. They have the flexibility to review work where and when they want and likewise, we don’t have to depend on couriers. Importantly, FORscene allows producers to add frame-accurate specific feedback whilst viewing the footage, enabling the editors to see exactly what the client is after. This ensures that we can maintain strong relationships with our customers through the collaborative process.”

Liz Mackenzie, key accounts director at Forbidden, said:

“Platforms use of FORscene demonstrates how post production houses can benefit from adopting web-based technology. The ability to review footage via the web, mobile phones and video iPods means that the decision making process is speeded up and streamlined. This is providing a compelling unique selling point for Platform in the highly competitive post-production market, as well as the associated cost-savings in reducing the need for couriers and travel into Soho.”

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