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Provision of video compression services to BT

Insight Execs 86,000 subscribers now have access to the latest video streaming technology to watch a talk given by Pierre Danon, CEO of BT Retail. InsightExec is part of BT and is a leading global provider of web based information and advice on customer management related issues.

This technology, developed and provided by Forbidden Technologies, allows high quality video to be streamed over both broadband and 56k modems to the mass market. The video player works automatically and without the installation of a plugin. In addition, the player cuts through firewalls, enabling easy access by corporate users.

The 45 minute video of Pierre Danons address to the Siebel conference in Cannes explains his vision for Customer Relationship Management.

Greg Hirst, Business Development Director, Forbidden Technologies commented:

"We are pleased that BT Retail has identified us as providing a service which provides quality and ease of use.

We firmly believe that the future of video distribution lies with internet and mobile communications. Our products have been developed with this in mind, using existing networks to deliver high quality video."

Roy Corneloues, CTO, Insight Exec said:

"I am hugely impressed by the technology, which overcomes the common problems of delivering high quality multimedia to a mass audience over the internet. It means that we are able to communicate with our end users without the firewall, bandwidth allocation or software issues of the past. Customer management is central to our agenda and this service enables us to communicate important information to everyone everywhere through the most effective and accessible medium."

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