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Stockmarket Wire reports: “Forbidden Technologies’ Cloud video platform, FORscene is being used by Wall to Wall, part of the Shed Media Group, for series two of The Voice UK for BBC One”, with Proactive Investors noting: “Having easy access to each artist’s timelines, including notes, greatly helped the first few weeks of edit, [enabling] easy searching of footage later on”. In the Trade Press, Televisual reported that the BBC1 talent show The Voice UK, “the BBC’s most successful new entertainment launch in over a decade”, had stepped up its use of FORscene, with over 2,500 hours of material ingested and use for more of the workflow, quoting Envy Post Production head of operations Jai Cave: “The producers could easily search through previous footage on FORscene to create packages showcasing each artist’s journey. They could do this either from Envy or back at the office”.

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