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Recent press

The latest Showreel “Let’s go tapeless” article describes the move to tapeless editing and client approval. “Forbidden Technologies of Wimbledon, south London, has come up with a devastatingly simple concept which appears to solve these and other problems … At its heart is FORscene, a Java-based editing application that runs entirely in a web browser. Instead of a series of clumsily named .mpg files perambulating around the world, users can access centrally stored content via any broadband connection – including an internet café – with no added software or hardware. … if the technology takes off, they’ll do rather well. This is looking increasingly likely with several users signing up on the spot at IBC, and a ringing endorsement from major production company Mentorn.” Showreel also mentions Forbidden’s Orange partnership, FORweb, FORmobile and security applications for the technology.

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