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Ryerson University using FORscene in Film School

International Broadcast Convention, Amsterdam, 8-12 September, 2006

Ryerson University is first off the mark to successfully integrate the revolutionary FORscene web-based editing platform into its Summer Film School, announced Don Snyder, Chair of School of Image Arts in Toronto, Canada. This is consistent with Ryerson Universitys leading edge environment for film, radio and television, journalism, and multi-media.

"FORscene is state-of-the-art and its unique web-based off-line editing package provides a new level of access and convenience for film students and for faculty. The students were very enthusiastic about using the software and took to it like ducks to water. Faculty also found it incredibly useful as a class collaborative tool,"

said Snyder.

"Potentially this software opens a new horizon for collaboration in the development of various media and art forms,"

said James Warrack, Coordinator of Film Studies, The Chang School of Continuing Education and faculty of the School of Image Arts, Ryerson University.

Warrack said FORscene allows instructors to view students work in progress in a very quick and easy manner on various platforms Mac, Windows or Linux.

Warrack called FORscene a timesaver. He was able to

"add comments on individual clips or segments of video and/or audio providing suggestions, tips or corrections."

In particular, he liked being able to easily project footage for peer critiques, lectures or instructional purposes.

Robert Picard, a Ryerson film student says that using FORscene allows him to review footage and do rough cut editing on the premises where hes shooting,

"rather than traveling back to the post production studio to find an error in the rushes."

FORscene is a revolutionary new web-based professional editing platform that allows off-line logging, collaboration, editing and reviewing anywhere, anytime. It provides a secure, password protected environment for film, broadcasting, video and multi-media productions.

Formidable Technologies is the new North American distributor of FORscene created by UK-based Forbidden Technologies plc.

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