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State University of New York Adopts Forbidden Technologies for Documentary Film Making

Forbidden Technologies today announces its unique FORscene web based editing is now being used on campus in documentary filmmaking at Cayuga Community College, a unit of the State University of New York University (SUNY).

“With FORscene we were able to continue our logging, editing, collaboration and review over the internet without having to stop production during the worst weather conditions in the last 100 years,”

says Steve Keeler, Chairperson, Communications Division and Director of Telecommunications and Electronic Media Programs at SUNY.

“The students are still in awe that they can edit anywhere and anytime with FORscene as long as they have access to a web browser.”

Cayuga is preparing television, journalism, film and radio students for the next wave of technology to sweep the industry – frame accurate and time-code accurate logging, editing and collaboration over the internet. Forbidden’s FORscene web-editing tool, distributed in North America by Formidable Technologies Inc, is the only solution capable of delivering this functionality.

“What sets the FORscene platform apart is not only its frame accurate editing but its multi-media platform,”

says Keeler

“After we’ve completed a trailer we can send it to iPods, mobile phones or publish it to the web with a click of a button”

You can view a documentary trailer for “Please Pass the Salt Potatoes” powered by FORscene on SUNY Cayuga’s Electronic Media website at
Keeler says that FORscene allows visiting professors and guest lecturers to continue to collaborate on productions long after they’ve left campus simply by logging into the password protected FORscene account.

“This technology has opened many doors for us. Cayuga can now consider offering on-line video and audio production courses which was impossible prior to FORscene technology,”

Cayuga’s campus facilities include a 32-track digital recording studio, 16-track remote recording facility, FM radio station, television studio and remote truck, digital media lab and editing/post-production suites. As a unit of the State University of New York, Cayuga offers degrees in Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Audio and Sound Recording, and Telecommunications Technology

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