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SUNY to offer Forscene Certification

May 21, 2015, London – Forbidden, makers of market-leading professional video editing software Forscene, is teaming up with State University of New York (SUNY) Distinguished Service professor Steve Keeler to develop a Forscene certification program for using the post-production platform. The textbook and program will initially enable students of SUNY’s Cayuga Community College to become certified professional Forscene users with the goal of eventually offering the program nationally.

With its robust online education program, Cayuga Community College will be involved in the project and ultimately offer the course, but Keeler is working independently with Forbidden on the project development. As a result, Keeler will be able to make the course and associated materials available to other educational institutions in the U.S.

“I could not have created our online video-editing course without Forscene” said Keeler, who first used Forscene in 2007 to create the United States’ first online video-editing course at Cayuga Community College. “It’s not only a revolutionary editing technology; it also represents a revolution in the instruction of video production. I look forward to taking Forscene and post-production education to the next level.”

Cayuga Community College offers associate degrees in media production, media communications, audio and music recording, and telecommunications technology. Since the college first offered Keeler’s online video-editing class, Forscene has become an integral part of these degree programs. It provides a cost-effective, professional video post-production solution that allows both Keeler and his students to access, edit, and collaborate on video projects from anywhere through a standard Web browser.

The new textbook and the accompanying course will allow students to become certified in two areas — logging and editing — and will be suitable for use in a traditional classroom environment as well as in online instruction.

“Professor Keeler was quick to recognise Forscene’s potential to change education and has been one of our most loyal advocates,” said Jason Cowan, director of business development at Forbidden Technologies plc. “With his credentials and experience, he’s the perfect person to create these new teaching tools and we are looking forward to when these courses will be widely available.”

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