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The Perfect Proxy IP Codec for the Media Supply Chain

Media professionals everywhere are having continuous discussions surrounding the cloud. There are conversations surrounding data centres structures, storage, platforms, services, and of course the discussion of visibility supporting a media supply chain.
Depending on your organisation, the visibility requirements can range from on-premise to international exposure. However, very few take into consideration the underlying codec to support the visibility requirement, commonly referred to as a proxy.
Among the many reasons H.264 is the most popular codec used for broadcast, OTT, media streaming and digital cinema, it is also used for proxy workflows and it is the default codec of choice for proxy viewing.
It might be time to rethink your codec choice for proxy workflows especially when considering how it plays within your media supply chain.
Why is H.264 the most used proxy codec in the media industry?
Is H.264 really the perfect solution for everything?
Is there a better proxy alternative to H.264?
In the new white paper, The Perfect Proxy IP Codec for the Media Supply Chain, Jeff Krebs challenges the hype behind the H.264 codec and presents a fresh perspective for the media industry.

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