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True Tube adopts Clesh to give young people a voice

Leading education video site deploys web-based editing platform

Forbidden Technologies today announced it has been selected by True Tube to provide video editing capabilities for its education video sharing site.
The True Tube site was created in 2007 by production company CTVC and is supported by The Rank Foundation. provides video content covering ethical, moral, political and religious issues. Video content is free to be used by teachers working in KS3, KS4, and higher education. The video content is provided for teachers to use in lessons, with True Tube also providing lesson plans for English, RE, ICT, PHSE and Citizenship along with an expansion soon to come including Media Studies, Geography and Politics.
Forbidden’s Clesh web-based editing platform seamlessly integrates into True Tube’s workflow. Teachers and pupils can upload video material to Clesh on the internet. Once uploaded, video is available for editing from any broadband-enabled computer. No additional hardware or software is required.

Eric van der Schaft, Editor in Chief, True Tube, commented:

“Clesh gives young people the tools to make their case quickly and easily in video. They can combine their own video with professionally shot library material on True Tube.”

Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies, said:

“We are delighted to be working with True Tube to give young people a voice. Video editing has traditionally been a time consuming process. Using an easy to learn, web-based tool like Clesh makes telling your story in video practical for everyone, everywhere.”

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