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UK University adopts FORscene for media students

Northumbria University uses FORscene to introduce video editing to students

Forbidden Technologies today announced that Northumbria University has adopted FORscene, its web-based video editing platform, to teach students about video editing.

Northumbria are using FORscene to teach video editing in their practical media production modules to first year students on courses including Film and Television studies, Journalism and Advertising and Media.

FORscene allows lecturers and students to work on content simultaneously and also enables students to access their productions outside of the classroom both within student accomodation and at home during their holidays.

Neil Percival, Senior Lecturer, Media and Communication Division commented:

"Due to an increase in demand for our programmes we enrolled a lot more students this year… This meant we needed to find a way to increase our editing capacity dramatically without swamping existing edit suites. FORscene was the answer."

"It makes it incredibly easy for us to review students' rough cuts in class, without having to be in an edit suite; students can also share their work with each other very easily and learn from each other's productions. The software has a surprising amount of functionality for an online package but it's quick to learn, thanks to its simple drag-and-drop interface; it's perfect for novice students – they are usually enthusiastically cutting work on their own by the end of their first workshop – and there is plenty of online support."

Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies, said:

" We are delighted to be working with Northumbria University. They have demonstrated how the power of technology can be harnessed in a modern educational setting by using FORscene in their media courses."

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