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Welcome to Forbidden Technologies plc.

I set up Forbidden to create the ultimate video platform for the Internet.
With a London Stock Exchange quote to provide investment capital, this inspiring company has built an extraordinary technology base.
Skimping on the important to work on the urgent is easy. But it is the important which changes the world, so Forbidden provides time and money for important risk taking and innovation. Mainstream products today, including our whole cloud video platform, began life as speculative ideas.
In technology, the pace of progress can invalidate the assumptions behind accepted facts very quickly. The courage to move outside respected comfort zones and challenge globally held assumptions is a way of life.
At our company we have tested our assumptions often – and where appropriate switched direction. We initially applied our video technology to web and mobile streaming. Ten years ago we made a complete switch to video editing in the cloud with the launch of our comprehensive Forscene professional cloud video platform.
Forscene allows professionals to upload, log, search, edit and distribute video content on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Forscene hit the headlines when Google licensed it for near live cloud editing and publishing of thousands of hours of HD content from the Summer Olympics.
Our interest in mobile has also proved prescient. The technology behind our tablet and smartphone editing app, launched in 2011, has underpinned our journey to the world’s most beautiful video social network, eva.
Designing and building a perfect product is an incredible experience. The app to access the eva video social network is progressing nicely and will be released on both iOS and Android.
At Forbidden, we have the vision to imagine a more exciting world – one where expression through video is easy and fun. And we are building it.
Stephen B. Streater
CEO, Forbidden Technologies plc

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