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Recent news

Atlantic Telecom, a broadband supplier to small and medium sized businesses in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands is reported by Reuters to have called in administrators after talks on selling the company or restructuring its debt had failed. Forbidden Technologies’ solutions do not require broadband.

Enterprise Investment Scheme

Our Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) forms have arrived from the Inland Revenue and will be sent to qualifying shareholders from our flotation shortly.

Press comment on broadband and 3G

In the FT, Richard Waters writes “The news late on Friday that Excite had filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the country’s bankruptcy code effectively ends hopes for an independent consumer broadband sector in the US”. As our recent Chairman’s statement shows, video over the Internet is not dependent...

Video compression upgrade

Today’s 8% upgrade to the compression rate of our recent Chairman’s statement is the latest in a line of improvements to our Mark 1 codec. It brings the video and audio combined to below even the ancient 28.8 kbps modem standard. This allows ample room for the slideshow, making a...

Recent press

Jemma George, in a recent research report update on comments on recent developments at Forbidden Technologies and notes that “The slow and tiresome move to broadband undoubtably works in Forbidden’s favour”.

Interim Results video with slideshow released

Our Chairman Vic Steel presents a video version of his interim results statement. This video is the first public demonstration of our slideshow technology.

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