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View, edit and publish your video content from anywhere to everywhere – lightning-fast.
Blackbird is the world’s fastest cloud video editing and publishing platform. Developed from the ground up just for the cloud, Blackbird delivers unbeatable speed, scalability and quality of editing tools and video output.

Accessed through any browser, easy to learn and needing only limited bandwidth to use, Blackbird powers significant productivity and efficiency benefits to any enterprise-level organisation working with video.

Blackbird – The world’s fastest, most agile cloud video platform

Please use these keys to frame-accurately view video in the cloud.

Press  J – to reverse, press twice for 2 x reverse speed, 4 times for 4 x reverse speed
Press K –  to pause the video
Press L –   to play, press twice for 2 x speed, 4 times for 4 x speed
Up arrow – to zoom in to the video Waveform
Down arrow – to zoom out of the video Waveform
Left arrow  –  to move the frame backwards
Right arrow – to move the frame forwards

Lightning-fast speed delivers a workstation experience in the cloud

Blackbird is very fast – its patented super low-latency codec allows you to access and edit video content within the cloud that delivers a truly workstation-like experience. Enjoy hyper fast frame-accurate navigation, playback and viewing of video in the cloud without any delays using bandwidth as low as 2Mb per second.

Complete freedom – video editing by anyone, anytime, anywhere, any device

Blackbird is a web-based platform agnostic, cloud-native application that requires no hardware investment. Your team can access and edit video content via any browser using any device from anywhere in the world for easy, collaborative working. Our Ascent and Forte products ensure that the tools are accessible by those with little or no training.

Seamless video editing, clipping and distribution

Engage audiences by easily creating and enriching highlight clips and close captions of live and non-live video for any event and rapidly publish to any platform online.

Only move the hi-res content you want to publish and only when you’re ready

Your days of uploading and downloading all your hi-res video around or into the cloud are over. The Blackbird proxy is created faster than real time and the unique multi-directional codec enables you to work only on the content you need – saving your teams significant time, bandwidth costs and frustration.

Easy integration with your existing infrastructure

Blackbird is fully interoperable and will seamlessly integrate into your current media supply chains and workflows without any disruption to your existing infrastructure and systems.

Monetize your video content

Money in the new, fast moving world of video is increased by two major factors – speed and volume. Blackbird helps you dramatically speed up time to market. Its ability to be used on any device, any browser, by any team member from anywhere removes any blockages you have in your organization to create video.

A proven technology trusted by the best

Blackbird is used across the world by rights holders, solution providers, post production houses and digital content providers in a variety of sectors including live sports, eSports, news and post-production. Blackbird has more than 100 shows in production at any one time and has already worked on over 8 million hours of professional video to date.


“Truly impressed with Blackbird’s platform and the team’s ability to quickly grasp and address production in the cloud.”

Caleb Weinstein
Director – Sport, Media & Entertainment, Google Cloud

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