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Create clips and highlights with the Edge

Create and enrich video clips and close-captions through a collaborative effort, and distribute to multiple platforms, maximise your video assets anytime, anywhere.

Blackbird – the world’s most highly responsive cloud video platform

Our Blackbird cloud platform provides a rich suite of highly responsive video production and delivery services. It enables anyone who generates video content to fluidly ingest, access and frame-accurately edit, enrich and publish to boundless delivery locations. Experience working with Blackbird for yourself using these shortcut keys on your keyboard to play the Blackbird video below.

Press  J – to reverse, press twice for  2x reverse speed, 3 times for 3x reverse speed.
Press K –  to pause the video
Press L  –  to play, press twice for 2 x speed, three times for 3x speed
Up arrow – zoom in the video Waveform
Down arrow – zoom out of the video Waveform
Left arrow   – to move the frame backward
Right arrow – to move the frame forward

Born on the Edge and living in the Cloud

The collective noun for Blackbirds is a cloud. That’s no accident. Our Blackbird technology was born on the Edge and lives in the Cloud. The frictionless, fluid and highly-responsive user experience of the Blackbird platform is borne out of a state of the art Blackbird codec that is exquisitely honed over time.

Our platform maximises the value of content by hyper-accelerating the transport, accessibility, editing and delivery of video efficiently, either remotely or on premise. Blackbird can become part of  existing or emerging infrastructure for any customer who generates video, whether that be live/non-live or high-volume.

Unlike cloud tools that use H.264/5 video compression standards that are not designed for manipulation, our Blackbird codec, combined with our Edge computing technology, brings speed and agility to enhance existing media supply chains or provide an end-to-end solution for emerging video publishers. Blackbird is  trusted across the world by rights holders, solution providers, post production houses and digital content providers from North America, Europe and Australia in live sports, eSports, news and post-production for everyday use.

The Blackbird platform provides a rich suite of highly responsive cloud video production and delivery tools as a service that allow users to simply and  easily ingest, access and frame-accurately edit, enrich and publish video content.




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