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Post Production

The post production industry contains some of the most advanced technologies in the media landscape, giving rise to a world class sector filled with highly creative, vibrant and multi-award-winning professionals. Reputation is built on successful creative innovation and technical strengths. Our customers are a testament to the reputation built within the industry.

Blackbird provides functionality which does not exist anywhere else in the market place for logging and transcription.  It is lightweight, requires a low bandwidth and instalment required. Blackbird provides a workstation experience in the cloud across PC, Mac or iPad.

Key Blackbird benefits include:

  • Hyper-accelerating production speed – ingest video content from anywhere at anytime
  • Reduce production costs – you no longer need additional overhead costs on video storage, no requirement for niche/highly skilled post production professionals or location costs.
  • Improve efficiency better working environment identifying frame specific video content for working in video edit mode

Our House Media Director of Post Production, Gad Reichman says: “Working with producers and writers off site and in different countries requires us to share media seamlessly and quickly. Blackbird gives us the ability to do that and automate the process in such a way that it doesn’t add any more time to our internal workflows. We are very excited about working with Blackbird because now we can work in the cloud with the best talent around the globe.”

(May 9, 2018)


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