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Traditional media and entertainment companies are starting to digitally reinvent business models to transform and respond to new customer expectations and experiences.

Leveraging cloud technology and artificial intelligence for highly scalable and enhanced viewing performance, allows large volume of video content to be viewed at peak times, with multi-channel delivery and efficient workflow automation

Key Blackbird benefits include:

  • Hyper-accelerating production speed – ingest video content from anywhere at anytime
  • Reduce production costs – you no longer need additional overhead costs on video storage, no requirement for niche/highly skilled post production professionals or location costs.
  • Improve efficiency better working environment identifying frame specific video content for working in video edit mode

“Blackbird was chosen for its reliability, feature set and can be completely hosted externally which helps scalability”

Jai Cave, Envy Productions

Middlechild’s Series Producer Tim Dalby who is working with Blackbird says, the platform has been invaluable. “It gets the edit closer to the story, so geographical distance no longer creates a delay while you wait for rushes to be physically delivered back to the edit suite. Every day I can see footage shot in remote parts of England automatically transcoded on location into Blackbird proxies with minimal delay.”

(Apr 10, 2018)


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