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Public Safety

The vast majority of organisations now store video security footage in the cloud primarily to help keep their people and assets safe. Yet accessing, reviewing and utilising footage in the dumb cloud is extremely difficult without artificial intelligence.
Whether you work in the armed services, a governmental department or in private industry, Blackbird Security and Surveillance Cloud is the ideal solution for helping you analyse live and non-live video footage in the cloud. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence through our partnership with Veritone, our solution can rapidly identify any person or natural and non-natural object in any environment – saving you hours and hours sifting through video footage.

Blackbird Security and Surveillance Cloud’s many benefits include:

  • Frame-accurately and quickly view and search security and surveillance video content in the cloud
  • Rapidly identify any person or natural and non-natural object in any environment
  • Save significant time searching through dumb video footage
  • Video content can be securely scanned and viewed by anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • A truly platform agnostic, web-based, cloud-native application that is very cost-effective
  • Ultra-fast codec delivers a true workstation experience in the cloud
  • Full interoperability and easy integration with your existing production infrastructure


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