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Endemol uses FORscene for new reality TV programme

FORscene provides fast turnaround tools for celebrity reality show

Forbiddens tools enable increased remote working and efficient post-production processing

Forbidden Technologies, the AIM quoted developer and marketer of a leading web-based video platform, announced that Envy Post Production has provided FORscene as a web-based service for the post-production of 7 Days On The Breadline, produced by Endemol UK for ITV1.

Envy Post Production used FORscene Load-Linux to split-digitise the DigiBeta shot rushes via SDI into FORscene and local storage for in-house editing. With the production filming in Leeds, rushes were available on the same day for production staff across the UK to review content and add notes. Loggers based in London used FORscene's frame-accurate tools through a web browser to log rushes and GV material.

Once in the edit suite, producers and directors used FORscenes built-in content management system to search rushes logged in FORscene and create rough-cuts and sync pulls. This enabled an efficient use of offline edit suite time.

Envy Post Production is the proud winner of Best Production House at the Broadcast Awards 2008 & 2009.

Jai Cave, Head of Offline Services at Envy Post Production, said:

"This is the first time that weve used FORscene and we found it easy to set-up and apply to post-production workflows. We made both rushes and playouts available from any computer connected to the internet."

Marnie Sirota, Production Manager at Endemol UK, commented:

"For a quick turnaround production I needed to ensure that the production team could access material quickly and make the most efficient use of logged material. FORscene assisted us with the post-production process by utilising its web-based system and highly developed logging interface."

Pete Burns, Project Manager at Forbidden Technologies, said:

"FORscene is enabling productions to centralise their workflows giving them faster turnaround speed without sacrificing quality. FORscenes simplicity is helping new facilities to learn the technology with ease, and provide a wider range of post-production workflows to production companies."

7 Days On The Breadline is a Brighter Pictures production, part of Endemol UK for ITV1.


For further information please visit or contact:

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Endemol UK
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Notes to Editors

Forbidden Technologies plc

Forbidden Technologies plc (AIM: FBT, floated in February 2000.

The Company develops and markets a powerful internet video platform, FORscene, which is used by broadcasters, in professional web video, in education and by consumers. FORscene is one of the worlds most advanced browser-based applications, operating in The Cloud.


Envy is one of the leading post houses in the UK and has three buildings in Rathbone Place, Margaret Street and Foley Street. Envy provides experience with every type of HD and SD production and offers 95 operational areas.


Endemol UK is part of Endemol – a global leader in entertainment that comprises an international network of companies that spans over 20 countries in five continents. Endemol UK produces over 5,000 hours of output annually. It incorporates a number of production brands including Remarkable Television, Initial, New State and Zeppotron.

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