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FORscene to output HTML5

Forbidden Technologies, the AIM quoted developer of the market leading Cloud video platform FORscene,is pleased to announce the addition of another industry standard, HTML5 video publishing, to FORscene. Video published in FORscene can be viewed through any device with a compliant web browser, for example Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iPad, iPhone, Android and Nokia smartphones.

HTML is the standard for structuring and presenting content on the Web and HTML5 is its next major revision. HTML5 is the first HTML version to support video playback without a third party plug-in such as Adobe Flash.

Without HTML5, there is no effective video format which works on all web pages and all desktop and high end mobile devices. Even devices such as the Apple iPad and iPhone, which do not have Java or Flash plug-ins, can still play back videos through their HTML5 compliant browsers.

HTML5 publishing is ideally suited for professional web video clients, as HTML5 is expected to be rolled out across every major browser over time. FORscene supports multiple publishing formats, including MPEG and its proprietary Java codec.

Publishing HTML5 in FORscene is simple: users drag a video icon onto the HTML5 publishing button. The published videos are automatically hosted by the FORscene video platform.

For those with older browsers that dont yet support HTML5, Forbidden’s HTML5 player automatically falls back to its proprietary Java web player.

Stephen Streater, CEO, Forbidden Technologies, said:

“The addition of HTML5 publishing to FORscene is an example of our policy to incorporate the latest global technical advancements. FORscene is an outstanding post-production platform. HTML5 increases FORscenes relevance as a publishing platform in its major markets.”


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Notes to Editors

Forbidden Technologies plc

Forbidden Technologies plc (AIM: FBT, floated in February 2000.

The Company develops and markets a powerful internet video platform, FORscene, which is used by broadcasters, in professional web video, in education and by consumers. FORscene is one of the
worlds most advanced browser-based applications, operating in The Cloud.

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