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Forscene could be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for in your sports production. This week we have a series of posts that focus on the benefits of incorporating Forscene’s cloud-based technology into your sports workflow. The previous two posts have looked at how editors can work from anywhere in the world and distributing content via multiple channels. This post will look at how Forscene’s subscription model is beneficial to sport workflows.

Only pay for what you use means exactly that: as Forscene is a SaaS solution, you won’t be charged when you’re not using it, making it the ideal solution for producing your sports production. As sporting events run at intermittent times – sometimes several events in a month, sometimes none at all – the advantage of using Forscene is that you only pay for use when you’re actually signing in and editing content. It’s also very easy to scale up and down on the number of licenses you require in Forscene, which puts you in control and reduces costs by not paying for unnecessary access.

pay for what you use

Furthermore, using Forscene brings down production costs, as the cloud-based post-production platform doesn’t require any hardware installation. So long as you have an Internet connection you can access Forscene on any device – PC, Mac, tablet or mobile – from any location. Forscene also integrates with existing sports technology systems, making it an enhancement to your workflow.

Forscene is also a simple to use, intuitive system, which doesn’t require hours and hours of training for first time users. The interface was redesigned at the end of last year and is akin to other NLE operating systems, making the switch over to using the professional video editing software seamless. If ever in doubt though, there is always the integrated Forscene chat system and online tutorial videos to support operators.

This post rounds up our series on the benefits of using Forscene for sports productions. Find out how you too can make outstanding content by contacting a product specialist for more information.


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