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SnappyTV is ending soon

It’s finally official. Twitter announced over the Summer that its live video editing tool, SnappyTV, will be phased out on 31st December 2019.

Acquired by Twitter in 2014, SnappyTV allows live video producers to create highlight clips from their broadcasts and share them via tweets to boost audience engagement. A few months ago Twitter told the world about SnappyTV’s long anticipated successor, LiveCut.

With essentially the same functionality as SnappyTV, LiveCut has one major downside – it is not easy to publish clips to other popular platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Using LiveCut means having to download the clip and manually upload it – an additional time-consuming step which is costly when getting content to consumers as fast as possible is vital.

We believe differently – that once you clip your content, you should be able to easily publish it everywhere, instantly. So if you’re looking for an alternative to SnappyTV and LiveCut, then take a look at Blackbird – the fastest video clipping, editing and distribution platform on the market. Blackbird provides easy and rapid access to live streams for the creation of clips and highlights to multiple devices and platforms including web, broadcast, OTT and social (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch).

Whether you work in sports, esports, news or any other sector, Blackbird will drive major awareness, engagement and reach for your brand – as well as deliver significant content monetization opportunities.

Find out why A+E Networks and the Australian National Rugby League have already replaced SnappyTV with Blackbird and why other major media companies including IMG, Deltatre, TownNews and Peloton use our marketing-leading technology.

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