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Seminar programme at BVE features Forscene

The seminar programme at BVE 2015 will include two sessions that feature Forscene, the market-leading professional video editing software. Jason Cowan, Forscene’s Director of Business Development, will present a case study and participate in a panel discussion at BVE 2015 in London. On Wednesday, Feb. 25 at 14:45 in the UKTI Theatre, Cowan will present “Finding, On-boarding, and Managing Resellers and Distributors.” On Thursday, Feb. 26 at 14:10 in the Post Production Theatre, Cowan will join a panel discussion titled “The Sky’s the Limit — Getting Ahead in the Cloud to See the Potential Value of Remote Editing.”

Cowan’s 30-minute case study presentation on Wednesday is geared toward business-to-business organizations and will focus on how to find, develop, and cultivate successful partnerships with resellers and distributors abroad. The case study covers points such as how to identify partners that fit with your brand, choosing an appropriate sales model based on sector and territory, and training resellers in your brand and technology. UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) works with U.K.-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets through exports. They also encourage and support overseas companies to look at the U.K. as the best place to set up or expand a business. More information is available on the BVE website

During Thursday’s session, Cowan and his fellow industry professionals will explore fresh perspectives on remote-editing possibilities and collaboration opportunities for post. The panel will also discuss the bandwidth requirements for remote editing and look at innovative ways to create and transfer content. The session will conclude with suggested best practices for blending on-premises systems with the cloud to save time and foster exceptional creativity. More information is available on the BVE site.



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