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Why the Cloud?

There are many compelling reasons for moving to the cloud with Blackbird for managing, editing and publishing your video content.
Faster than live

Dramatically improve speed to market by editing content from anywhere and publishing render free to the web.

Access not ownership

Take advantage of the access not ownership economy. By working in the cloud all the processing power needed to manage your video is performed remotely – freeing your business from the huge expense of investing in editing hardware and associated upgrade and maintenance costs.

Massively boost productivity

Downloading and transferring huge volumes of video between workstations is expensive, slow and frustrating. Working in the cloud on the video content you need dramatically saves time and boosts your team’s productivity.

Stronger collaboration

The nature of working in the cloud means that your team can work simultaneously on the same workflows and projects in real time.

Total flexibility

Your team can access and edit your video content via any device, any browser from anywhere in the world – even with very low bandwidth availability – allowing you to find the most efficient solution to travel, time zones and outsourcing.

Read why Blackbird is the best choice for video in the cloud

“Blackbird has solved the problem of latency. It is seriously impressive technology.”
David Shapton

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